Single-Use Plastics and Styrofoam - we all know they are a threat to our environment, causing climate change, ocean waste, and pollution. Consumers are demanding more sustainable living options in every aspect of their lives. This movement drives our mission to provide compostable and plastic free packaging for food service, reducing the negative environmental impact of disposables and supporting a more sustianable future.

As more loyal customers are demanding a smaller carbon footprint, the food service industry is focused on more sustainable business practices. It is a new standard, and we are here to help!


Sustainability: All products are made from regenerative resources, like sugarcane, bamboo, and palm leaves. When sourcing products, we are seeking partners that use fewer resources in the manufacturing process and produce less pollution. Proper certifications are also important to us, since this helps ensure the products are plastic free, contain no harmful chemicals, and are capable of breaking down in the environment.

Integrity: We are committed to professionalism and integrity and hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards by developing close relationships with our customers and offering best in class customer service.

Partnership: We are a partner in supporting your journey towards sustainability. Providing guidance and finding the right customized solution to meet your needs and your patrons' expectations.


Replace plastic and paper with fast growing renewable materials like bamboo and sugercane, protecting our trees and reducing carbon emmissions.

Are high-quality products, with a high level of durability, from leading manufacturers.

Are designed to be single-use products that are compostable in a commerical facility.

Are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute, Composter Manufacturers Alliance, and/or USDA certified biobased.

Will aide in reducing the environmental impact of your business while enhancing your brand image.

Who We Are

Founded in 2022, we are a woman owned business committed to making strides every day towards a more sustianable future. Our team has over 25 years of experience in business.


We will collaborate on finding the right customized solutions to meet your sustainability goals.


We are determined to find the highest quality alternatives for your business at the best price.


We will actively engage in educating our communities, your staff and your customers on this critical mission.